Our Solutions

We are innovative, productive, and aggressive in the operation of our business, using emerging technologies to support growth and enhance productivity.


We engage to create a platform to publish the inventions of men. The inventions of men are diamond personified; they pave way for the advancement of our society and made men of honors.


  1. Book publishing
  2. Magazine publishing
  3. Photography/videographer
  4. Invention creation/talent and skill publishing
  5. Yearbook publishing
  6. Music publishing
  7. Movies/documentaries publishing
  8. Digital publishing
  9. Media publishing – T.V/Radio


We engage to provide consulting and training program for individuals and corporate organizations to enhance human capital effective utilization.


Consulting focuses on:

  1. Business innovation and strategies
  2. Business system integration
  3. Business process re-engineering
  4. Brand development and management
  5. Potential development and deployment strategies
  6. Human capital outsourcing
  7. Research and development


We engage to build subsidiary companies in line with identified potentials in the economy. A platform for commercializing potential. Focuses on :


  1. Corporate venturing
  2. Potential advocacy

Training & Development – We focus on:

  • Personal development
  • Potential discovery, modeling, and commercialization
  • Skill re-engineering and regeneration
  • Wealth creation, and money management strategies
  • Entrepreneurship and business innovation

What Set Adacole Technology Apart?

We offer cutting edge of digital publishing technology

It’s our intention to be at the cutting edge of digital publishing technology. This may sound like a canned marketing spiel, but we’ve maintained a commitment to progressively developing broader, deeper and more feature-rich digital publishing solutions. It’s for this reason that we can leverage a portfolio of products and services that few of our competitors can.

Exposure to different approaches

Adacole employees are encouraged (where beneficial to all parties) to build their experience across different clients and projects. This allows them greater insight into different ways of thinking about similar challenges

We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service

We respond quickly to queries and place emphasis on developing great relationships with our clients and an assigned technician deals with each project and develops familiarity with the client and their needs.  We’ve developed a systematic process of recording information so that whether you contact us by email, live chat or telephone, all of your communication is saved so that our support team know how to help you.

Bespoke Solutions

The aim behind all of our services is to provide a level of choice to our clients that can’t be found elsewhere. We aim to provide solutions to meet all requirements, from publishing to potential management to highly bespoke business solutions

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