Adacole Innovations at a Glance

We are a publishing, potential management and business innovation firm base in Lagos, Nigeria

Our idea is to bridge the gap between Educational Institution and the Marketplace (Economy Market) to bring about Economic Advancement and Prosperity (Growth and Development)

Adacole Innovations will be doing this by:

  1. Supporting the conventional Educational institutions in effective development of potentials, refinement of skills, and generation of innovative ideas for the Marketplace (creating inventions)
  2. Structuring strategies to effectively ensure the utilization of potentials, deployment of skills and exploitation of ideas in the Marketplace (creating innovations)

Invention is a creative idea while innovation is taking idea and putting it to work; and the testing ground that determines whether an invention has become an innovation is the Marketplace.

Therefore, we’ll be providing solid educational concepts- that heightens human potential development- one derived from the Latin word “Educo”, meaning to “developed from within”- to incessantly enhance our human potential. Thus revolutionize our country Economic potential.

The Economic potential development leverages on human potential development to reach an impressive Economic Growth. Thus solve the emanating problems posed viz-a-viz the gap between educational institution and the Marketplace. The emanating problems are:

  1. Idle potential – situation that made our economy to be technologically inefficient
  2. Unemployment/ Abject poverty
  3. Untimely discovery of potential for striking accomplishment
  4. Undiversified economic structure

Our Values

Since its inception, Adacole Innovation has been committed to three core values that continue to inform our decisions and inspire our work:


Our originality also comes to expression through our flat organisational structure, which facilitates interdisciplinary work and the provision of innovative solutions.

Creativity & Innovation

We bring creativity and innovation to our work in many forms – qualitative insights, strategic thinking, new media and tactics, original language and design approaches.

Quality and Excellence

We take pride in the quality of our organization and our work, and we value excellence, originality, accuracy, consistency, and attention to detail.

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