27 Feb


Knowledge can be irksome, providing no economic gain if there is no practical application of the knowledge base. Development in the real sense emerged if the propensity to turn actual facts (information) into absolute reality is high. Excellent achievements that have been the major prerogative of some class of people result from practically applying knowledge; turning brilliancy into intelligence, idea into products and vision into projects. You can’t achieve a successful living if there is no kind of transformation inclination in the reality of your existence.


These are some who have practically applied their knowledge base, turned vision into project and ideas into products:

  1. Sam Gyimah – founder and MD of Clearstone, one of the fastest growing HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) recruitment companies in Britain. This Ghanaian entrepreneur from the company has an annual turnover of £8m and employed over 30 people as at April 2008
  2. Ken Ife – the Nigerian-born manufacturing Chemist, Educationist and International economic development Consultant, who has been running his businesses for the past 20 years with controlling interests, including cosmetics manufacturing and computer education.
  3. Bebe Clement – the Founder and President of Black Businesses, a successful business and networking group for black professionals and business owners in the UK. She has a BA in English as well as a LLB in law. She is a first class professional speaker and trainer. Her motivational style of speaking and her motto of ‘put your signature on life’ encourages those who hear her speak to be the best they can.
  4. Adam Afriye – a multi-millionaire British born Ghanaian businessman and the Conservative MP for Windsor; also the founder of Connect Service (an IT Service Company Pioneering fixed price)
  5. Oswald Boateng, the menswear designer was credited with introducing Savile Row tailoring to a new generation
  6. Tara Fela-Durotoye- a ‘Lawyer’ turn ‘Beauty expert’- CEO of House of Tara who pioneered the bridal make-up artist profession in Nigeria.
  7. Alexander Amosu, the Nigeria-born multi-millionaire and the founder of mobile phone RnB music ringtone. Besides, Alexander Amosu created a fabric that was made from Vicuna Pasimina and quiviuk- those are rare fabrics. Under the stripes, twenty-six carat gold can be seen. The buttons were made of eighteen carat gold studded with diamonds. The suit was listed in the World Guinness Book of Records to be the world’s most expensive suit. He sold one in London for 70,000 pounds. The cheapest stuff in the range of clothing by Amosu brand is £5000 and the most expensive phone by Amosu was sold for £120,000.

Within their different fields they have effectively turn their creativity into awesome products.

New ideas are always funny and ridiculed. Don’t expect people to believe in your ideas, they will always give you standard reasons why your ideas are not valid, don’t be deterred or discouraged. When this happens, it is the best time to follow your own voice and counsel, be undaunted by all kinds of analysis. People will laugh at you! But they will laugh with you and praise your personality when you succeed.


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