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Book publishing is an integral part of our publishing system; we publish the inventions of men. The inventions of men are diamond personified.

Potential Management

We engage to provide consulting and training program for individuals and corporate organizations to enhance human capital effective utilization.

Business Innovations

We engage to build subsidiary companies in line with identified potentials in the economy. A platform for commercializing potential.

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Digital Publishing
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Meet A. C. Obeka

University of Jos- educated, A.C Obeka is a business strategist and potential advocator with a vision to break allegiance people made with ordinary. He is a prolific writer, inspirational teacher and a charismatic speaker.

He is an expert that focuses his attention on personal development, human capital deployment strategy; business strategy and innovation. Building a deep capabilities and network of intelligent minds that will be a compelling force in the World Economy.

A.C Obeka currently serves as the CEO/Grand Strategist, ADACOLE INNOVATIONS. The company is positioned to:

Creating Inventions

Supporting the conventional Educational institutions in effective development of potentials, refinement of skills, and generation of innovative ideas for the Marketplace

Creating Innovations

Structuring strategies to effectively ensure the utilization of potentials, deployment of skills and exploitation of ideas in the Marketplace.


Focuses on revealing cranky ideas and inspirational innovations.

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